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  • Instrumentatie Organ and Symphonic Band
  • Componist Thomas Trachsel
  • Moeilijkheidsgraad 4 - gevorderd
  • Tijdsduur 18:00
  • Omschrijving
This work was created due to an assignment of the band Field Music Sarnen and their conductor Rolf Schumacher, on the occasion of his jubilee concert at the Hofkirche to Lucerne. Organist at the premiere was also the organist of the Hofkirche Wolfgang Sieber. I have tried to illuminate the court church and its organ in all three sets. In the Toccata, the whole weight of the organ becomes clear while one is more reminiscent of praying monks in the cloister in the second set. In the final all the important topics are once again handled. The organ part is very difficult to master, the support in the wind orchestra should be for a grade 4 (approx. 1st class) wind orchestra, and should be readily feasible.


Prijs (incl. btw) 390,00